My name is Patricia Villarreal and I was looking for a personal trainer for my son, Christian Villarreal, who had injured his knee during Harlandale’s varsity football game.  Christian had just had surgery on his ACL, MCL, medial & lateral meniscus when I came across Steven Torres at the Frontier Bowl game which is the longest, largest football rivalry game in Southside history.  We knew that Christian had a long road to recovery to get his knee back to where it was before his injury, if not better.  We started off doing a one on one training session.  It was then that I realized how genuine and sympathetic Steven is to my son and his injury.  He is a very down to earth person who loves what he does and wants to help anyone who will allow him to do his duty and due diligence in serving others to reach and maintain their proper physical physique. 

 Christian and I started posting on Facebook and Instagram how great this trainer was and how he felt with his training.  As any social media will do, word got around and  people started asking about Christian’s trainer as well as how much he charged and what he could do for them as an individual and everything just escalated from there.  Steven put together a strength, conditioning, speed, and agility organization called Strength and Toughness.  With as many kids as we have had, Steven brought on another trainer, named Thomas Mata.   We are now developing a partnership and gaining more clientele and now are expanding to adult classes as well where I personally am getting training in my journey to better health.  This program is built with love from the Southside Community and the passion of one individual who wanted to make a difference in this part of town.  I just wanted to help Steven make his dream a reality and see him through his journey and that he is very successful.  He doesn’t discriminate.  All schools and organizations are welcome and open to kids with special needs.  Just like schools instill the “No Child Left Behind Act”, we want to have healthier individuals and an active lifestyle across San Antonio and leave no one behind in accomplishing our goals.  There is no other program like it here and this is what we all needed.  This is what the Southside needed. 

Parenets that support me Left to Right: Yvete Tellez, Octavio Tellez, Patricia Villiareal, David Garza, Leslie Garz